On April 1 2020, the Royal SVG Police Force issued a “press release” via its Public Relations and Complaints Department which sought to discredit “a significant portion” of an article published on March 31 2020 by Asbert News Network under the headline “Bank Worker Arrested.”

The RSVGPF, in its wisdom, declared that “the information in the article did not come from any official police source.”

Here and now Asbert News Network asserts:

1). We were alerted to the arrest of the bank’s unnamed employee by a coworker who witnessed the development.

2). Given the practice of “official police source[s]” to control the dissemination of information by employing various procrastination tactics; we sought and obtained confirmation from a well-placed Officer within the RSVGPF ranks.

3). That information was later confirmed by at least one officer at Her Majesty’s Prisons who conducted the raid.