“I found you liable of uttering those words that were complained of in this summons,” Magistrate Bertie Pompey told alleged troublemaker Jilley Mitchell on March 27.

The learned Magistrate made his pronouncement at the Biabou Magistrate’s Court as he presided over a civil suit between one time friends and long-time neighbors Letisia ‘Nadica’ Jackson and Jilley Mitchell. Both women are residents of the Adelphi community.

The Court learnt that on Friday January 31, 2020 “at Biabou in the presence of Joseph Delplesche and others, Defendant [Jilley Mitchell] made the following utterances to the Plaintiff: “Way yo no shut yo AIDSy mothercxxt, yo nah win Sabrina ah Court, you Nadica yo have fxxking AIDS. Yo can’t win me ah Courts. Put me ah Courts when yo done.

“By these utterances, Defendant is interpreted to mean that the Plaintiff is H.I.V positive. An allegation that is unfounded and utterly false.”
Letisia Jackson told the Court the she and her boyfriend, Joseph Delplesche, of 3 years were both inside her house around 8 p.m. before he left the house to “go outside.” At some point the Defendant could be heard “coming from down the road.” According to Jackson, Mitchell started cursing, “aryo nah win Sabrina ah Courts aryo nah win me neither,” with a choice selection of expletives.

Jackson testified that she “looked out” in time to hear her boyfriend say to Mitchell, “aryo nar get no egg nar no juice.” A distinct reference to friendlier times when Letisia and Delplesche used to invite Mitchell to go grocery shopping with them, the Plaintiff explained later in an exclusive interview.

According to Letisia, Delplesche would often times, pay for Mitchell’s selections.
This incendiary reminder sparked a torrent of verbal abuse from Jilley Mitchell that Friday evening which included the words that landed her in front of the former Commissioner of Police now turned District Magistrate.

The Court also heard that Delplesche made threatening remarks to Jilley and qualified those remarks by asserting, “me wuk under Pompey, he nuh go give anybody wrong over me,” Mitchell stressed when we caught up with her. Delplesche appeared as the sole witness in the case on behalf of his girlfriend, Letisia Jackson and adamantly denied saying such. “Don’t mix up the Magistrate name in yo thing,” he rejoined in Court.” He told us that was a strategy persons have been trying in Court cases involving him of late.

Asbert News Network was reliably informed that Mitchell, upon passing the Plaintiff’s gate at about 9 p.m. the same night she was found guilty remarked, “wait like the AIDS victim ah dem nuh deh home?”

Jilley Mitchell maintains she cannot live in peace as it is Jackson and Delplesche who are the aggressors.
The trio returns to Court today as Mitchell has to defend herself against another slander charge. We are told she sent a WhatsApp voice note in which she said in part, “Nadica ah say how e nuh geh e virus and dem say how Tacktack bin deh wid some gyal and de gyal dun dead from AIDS. Nadica have to get um cause she and TackTack bin deh.”

The Court awarded Jackson $5000 in damages instead of the $10K she submitted and also charged Mitchell $12 in administrative fees.


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