I went to the office of a company that I have been doing business with for over 12 years. I worked on the computers of seven (7) of their employees then went home for the weekend.

On Monday 03/23/2020 I developed a persistent cough but I did not think too much about it. The following day I went to work in the Bronx and was sitting in my vehicle on my computer when I felt overwhelmed by a rush of heat in my body.

I opened my vehicle window and had to immediately close it because a chill immediately replaced the heat wave that had seemingly ran through my entire body just seconds earlier. I exited my vehicle and walked around to the passenger side and called out to one of my employees who was working about 20 feet from me.

The next thing I recalled is opening my eyes and realized that I was being cropped up by three of my employees and vomiting profusely. I was told that I had fainted and was unconscious for over four minutes.

I felt that I wanted to use the bathroom and as I walked to the building basement, stool was easing out of my body and into my underpants. I reached the bathroom with the assistance of one of my employees and felt as if I was going to pass out again on at least two occasions.

By the time I was able to clean myself up and return upstairs, there was an ambulance waiting to transport me to the hospital.

I was taken to Bronx Lebanon Hospital, where a number of tests were performed (I was not given the COVID 19) test because I was told that it was not being administered except in cases where it was abundantly clear that an individual have the virus).

I was told that I tested positive for pneumonia and given a prescription for antibiotics for a five (5) day period. I was further told that Pneumonia was an indicator that I may have the COVID 19 virus and was given orders to self-quarantine for a fourteen (14) day period.

Today is my 11th full day under house arrest, I mean quarantine and Friday March 10 was the first day that I found my appetite and was able to eat some solid food and enjoy it. It has definitely been a very challenging and somewhat scary experience.

Added to that, I unwittingly infected my Mom with the disease and she has been under quarantine as well but is doing much better.

I can truly say that this has been the most challenging time of my life and I recommend that anyone who becomes afflicted with this disease, fight it with every muscle in your body and pray to God for the strength to persevere.

I am not completely out of the woods as yet but I know I will beat it.

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