At St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC), we are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic will affect our community financially. We are sensitive to the fact that over the coming weeks some customers may experience financial difficulties associated with the COVID-19 crisis. Consequently, VINLEC is putting the following measures in place to assist customers:

  • A moratorium on disconnection of electricity service to customers whose accounts who were not in arrears by more than 60 days before March 20th, 2020. All other customers should contact VINLEC to discuss payment terms
  • VINLEC will apply a 15% discount on the basic energy charge on all electricity accounts applicable for the months April, May and June 2020
  • Customers with renewable energy generating systems will see a corresponding reduction of 15% in amount paid by VINLEC for the energy that is purchased by the company
  • No VAT will be applied to electricity accounts for domestic customers, hotels and guest houses for the months April, May and June 2020
  • VINLEC will waiver the reconnection fee for all customers whose accounts were previously disconnected 

Customers who are directly impacted by the financial fallout as a result of COVID-19 should contact our offices via telephone number 456-1701 or our Toll Free number 377, or email

Additionally, the Company has taken steps to safeguard the Health and Safety of employees and the public as well as to minimise the potential for the spread of the virus. Among these are:

  • The placement of markers at the Corporate Headquarters to allow for the minimum 3 ft. physical distancing
  • The installation of protective barriers at cash desks and Receptionist, Telephonist and Customer Care Associates work stations 
  • The cleaning of surfaces hourly at the Corporate Headquarters (door handles, Customer Service areas, kiosk) 
  • The provision of two hand washing stations at the Corporate Headquarters 
  • Thorough daily cleaning by the cleaning Contractor with approved cleaning products   
  • The installation of an additional telephone line (Toll Free number) for Customer Service related matters 
  • The initiation of staff rotation to avoid overcrowding at the workplace 
  • Assist with the transportation of employees to and from the workplace
  • Training of employees by personnel from the Ministry of Health to sanitise any suspected contaminated work area that is critical to operational continuity 
  • The provision of hand sanitizer for employees 
  • The provision of disinfectant to clean work surfaces
  • The purchase of fabric facemasks for all employees
  • The development of a business continuity plan that considers several outbreak scenarios for COVID-19.

VINLEC will continue to monitor the developments of the pandemic locally and globally and intends to follow the guidance provided by the relevant health agencies.