By Nathan Green, April 19, 2020

Recent accusations from the US government is that China knew there was a released virus problem as early as September 2019. They had hoped to control it and hide it, but it is so aggressive it is now attempting to wipe out the World. Even if it does not achieve that, the World will not be the same afterwards.

    COVID – 19 was very likely a SARS Corona virus manipulated in the Wuhan laboratory where the Chinese military have been experimenting with biological warfare. It really is too much of a coincidence that COVID – 19 originated in the very same city where the Chinese have their biological laboratory specializing in research of the SARS Corona type virus’s.

We all know that the world is full of mad scientists and more so in Communist China. Scientists in such places as China and North Korea are dealt with severely if they fail to bring the results expected by the rulers. Unlike the Western scientists who have also been working on biological weapons of mass murder for years, who get huge salaries, and no punishment for failure or mistakes.

The Russians were almost certainly conducting a joint parallel program with the Chinese on the Corona virus. The Russians passed laws in the Dumar in early December allowing them to close their borders with China. The Russians closed down their border with China almost immediately the COVID – 19 was identified in China as a possible epidemic and before it was identified as a pandemic by WHO. The Russians closed their border with China before there was a single instance of COVID – 19 anywhere in Russia. They most likely knew what was coming, in the early day of the virus the Chinese even sent samples to Russia of the virus gathered from Chinese patients, and the Russians immediately started to work on a vaccine.

In China a whistle blower, Li Wenliang, a Chinese doctor who knew how deadly the virus was. At the hospital in Wuhan sent out a warning to fellow medics on 30 December but police told him to stop “making false comments”. He was issued with a written warning, a notice to cease and desist in his warning of fellow colleagues, or anyone else.

Dead Men Tell No Tales


Dr Li, an ophthalmologist, posted his story on Weibo from a hospital bed a month after sending out his initial warning.

The 34-year-old had noticed seven cases of a virus that he thought looked like Sars – the virus that led to a global epidemic in 2003.

On 30 December he sent a message to fellow doctors in a chat group warning them to wear protective clothing to avoid infection.

Like in most communist countries one or more of those doctors sneakily reported him to The Communist Party and four days later he was summoned to the Public Security Bureau where he was told to sign a letter. In the letter he was accused of “making false comments” that had “severely disturbed the social order”.

He was one of eight people who police said were being investigated for “spreading rumours” Local authorities later apologised to Dr Li.

But what the Chinese authority were really worried about was Dr Li telling the truth.

The Authorities had little to worry about from Dr Li thereafter because on 10 January 2020 he started coughing. The next day he had a fever and two days later he was in hospital, he was diagnosed with the corona virus on 30 January, by the 6 February he was dead.

Within a further few weeks it had spread all over the world and started a pandemic of the likes never seen before, since the Black Death ravaged the world. 

This was no normal virus, it has no cure and there is currently absolutely no way of stopping it. The Chinese say it is zoonotic which it may very well have initially been. But this virus almost certainly escaped from the Wuhan laboratory where it had been manipulated for biological warfare use.