Minister of Transport and Works Senator Julian Francis has emphasized the importance of being organized to fight the corona virus also called COVD-19.

Francis who was speaking on Star FM’s “ULP Speaks” programme on Tuesday 14th April said the vast majority of people are in sync with the approach to fight COVID-19 but it was important to keep in touch with the public.

Francis revealed that the government has identified quarantine stations; one of which he said is being utilized and the other being prepared. Minister Francis further stated that another should be ready and available by weekend and a third one,” is pretty close” to completion and a lot of time has been spent in getting some inputs ready. 

The Transport and Works Minister believed that by Thursday 23rd or today Friday 24th, the third facility should be completed and the authorities should have that in their possession. 

He explained, “You will observe that I am not giving addresses, giving locations wherever and what the facility is. I just want to give you the assurance that they are being worked on. One is actually being utilized and the other is being cleaned and getting ready. And the third one is by Thursday, Friday, we should have that one ready as well.”

As it relates to the isolation centre, Francis said that it will be a permanent structure and a lot of good work is being done out there (at Argyle). He also said that upon walking around the facility, he couldn’t believe the amount of washroom facilities that were at that establishment. 

He described the compound as beautiful, well done, fully air conditioned with a redundant system. Francis said that while no one is at a serious stage, if this country ever gets to that stage, there will be a running secondary system with air conditioning, water tanks and everything as an independent isolation centre. 

The Transport and Works Minister said they have ordered equipment but they are having problems through the supply chain and that other countries have also had difficulties with their orders. He said this country is “up against a lot of forces out there” and things are rough with the US government, who is under extreme pressure as they have the largest number of persons affected with COVID-19.

Minister Francis said this country is being affected at a higher level because items were ordered long ago. He lamented that public believes that the Prime Minister and Minister of Health are lying about not getting items to fight COVID-19.  But external hindrances have been part of the reality of the situation and that’s why this country has to be particular about the management of the virus.

Francis commented, “We have ordered them, we have prepared the isolation unit. One thing that was holding it up, was a particular piece of equipment that has to built into the air condition system at  the isolation centre. The installers suppliers received that piece of equipment and the installation of the AC should be finished  by today Thursday. Once you get the things, you can move very fast, but we are up against a lot of obstruction and individualism”.