With the creative sector being a major component of almost every “Tourism Product” globally and with the significant contribution being made by DJs regionally and internationally to their respective Tourism and Entertainment industries, we cannot continue to operate with the notion of “business as usual” here in SVG.

We are at a stage where it is empirical for us to now harness, advance, standardize and professionalize our DJ Art form, if we are serious about our music and growth of our developing music industry. There is absolutely no other way!!!

For whatever reason in SVG, being called a DJ is often considered to be unambitious or in some circles thought of as merely someone who picks up a laptop or device, connects it to a piece of equipment and taps on the play button. This mentality or even the approach does nothing for the individual, the culture and by extension the Country. It is undeniably a misrepresentation of the core of DJs and our extensive abilities and skills.

Locally, the role of a DJ too often goes unnoticed. It is a perceived notion that his opinion is insignificant on pertinent issues and carries no weight. A career as a DJ is NOT respected neither is it encouraged and too many times we’re not given the recognition that is rightfully due. This MUST stop!!!

In some countries however, DJs are seen and considered as musical/cultural ambassadors, given the respect as brand ambassadors, community leaders, nation builders and in some parts have even been honored for their role and contributions to their respective homelands.

For this calamity, we as DJs are the ones to be held accountable and it can only be fixed by us. Until we understand and appreciate our role, actively play our part in claiming our rightful place within this industry, the level of insolence will continue.

The time is now that we begin to recognize the power we posses and embrace it. For the sustainable future of those who are here now and those who aspire to become DJs, we must first come together to nurture this potentially viable yet stagnant art form in SVG. Strengthen and develop structures that are already in place and create possibilities where there are voids. Building on our passion while making a concerted effort towards incorporating professionalism.

Let this conviction lead our chain of thoughts as we begin to chart our way forward subsequent to this Covid–19 pandemic. We may not be certain when that time would be, but one thing is for sure; we have that time NOW! Begin the preparation instantly and refocus our mindsets immediately.

Remember, one great thing about being a DJ is that we possess the ability to reinvent ourselves every single day.

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