The coronavirus or COVID 19 pandemic has affected almost every sector of this country including the Vincy Mas cultural festival with date changes. 

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves this morning on WE FM pronounced that in a decision made yesterday, that with carnival being cancelled this year due to COVID-19; the carnival Monday and Tuesday dates will be scheduled to the 3rd and 4th of August.

PM Gonsalves noted that the legislation allows the Prime Minister to advise the Governor General by proclamation, that dates changes can be made, by adding holidays but they cannot be deleted. 

He announced, “We going to give carnival Monday and Tuesday…going to give those days on the 3rd and 4th of August. August 1st is on Saturday…if August 1st was on Sunday, then the Monday would have been the holiday”.

Dr. Gonsalves further noted that in the schedule to the law, it says Caricom Day is the 2nd Monday in July…and Carnival Tuesday is the day that follows that Caricom day. 

He expounded, “Sometimes the CDC may set a date, but that doesn’t mean that that’s inside of the law. It doesn’t set carnival Monday as a holiday. It says the first Monday in July and then the day after that, is also a holiday. That is the carnival Tuesday”. 

The Prime Minister explained, “But it is set by (Carnival Development Corporation) CDC for 6th or the 7th. But the 6th is not the second Monday because the law says the second Monday. So I have to do a proclamation in any case to make sure . So you can substitute now…but you can add but you can’t delete”.