Police are investigating a shooting in Arnos Vale, West st George.
Dead is Denisha Corridon, alias ‘Gaza Den and her boyfriend Lionel “Gobler” George.

A reliable source told ANN that both Corridon and George were liming when a vehicle drove up to them and two persons exited the said vehicle and opened fire on them.

Corridon, who received several shots about her body died on the spot, while George was pronounced dead at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown, St Vincent .

A security guard who works in the area of the incident was also shot in his leg.

Corridon and George made the news in November 2019, when George was shot in the area of C. Prescott & Sons Ltd. on Lower Middle Street, near the market square.

Reports at the time state that George and his girlfriend, Deneisha “Gaza Den” Corridon, were unpacking clothes for sale in the area when the shooting occurred.
Lejay “Soups” Alexander was subsequently charged with attempted murder of George in 2019.


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