In the wake of the tragedy that befell Union Island on Tuesday May 19, 2020 when the UniGas Station exploded; several residents have organized a candle light vigil to commemorate the lives of the 3 victims who have since succumbed to the injuries sustained from the ensuing fire.

Organizers say that the event would get underway from 6 p.m. on Monday June 1, 2020 and it is set to begin with a quiet stroll from the crossroad at Ashton and would climax as close as possible to the scene of the devastating disaster.

“We’ll just sing a few songs and pray. This is in remembrance of all of them and to show our support to the family,” a spokesperson told Asbert News Network on Saturday. She also said, “People can bring candles because I don’t think we will have a lot to give away.”

The funeral services for 12 years old Lindani Neverson and 17 years old Shaniqua ‘Zara’ Alexander, both students of the Union Island Secondary School, are yet to be announced. Lindani died 2 days before his 14th birthday at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he was reportedly awaiting to be flown “abroad for medical attention.” He suffered second degree burns which was said to cover some 70 percent of his body. The 12 year-old succumbed around midday on Sunday May 24 after complaining of chest pains throughout the previous day.

ANN understands that Zara’s body is to be flown home from Trinidad and Tobago also on June 1. A natural athlete, the teenager eventually expired after undergoing a non-invasive procedure which was meant to treat a lung infection that Zara had; she was reported to be in a stable condition following the procedure. She died later that same day and was the last of the trio to pass away. Zara sustained second and third degree burns about 80 percent of her body and was described as the worst affected of the victims.

Freddy Naert, the entrepreneur to whom UniGas Station belonged, would be laid to rest on June 3, 2020 with the farewell service scheduled to be held in Ashton at St. John’s Spiritual Baptist Church from 2 p.m. His was the first death recorded of the victims who were scorched when the gas station exploded. Naert was 72 years old at the time of his death and was said to have “never regained consciousness since the fire and died early Sunday [May 24] morning.”

Live coverage of Monday night’s candle light vigil will be carried by Radio Grenadines via its social media platforms. Mourners and well-wishers attending the vigil are encouraged to practice the COVID-19 physical distancing measures espoused by the local Health authorities. They are also asked to don the appropriate face masks.


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