Source: (Caribbean online weather )Two #tropicalwaves are approaching the islands from the east.

The axis of the closer wave is presently about 500 miles east of the #LesserAntilles and is expected to be over the area on Friday.

Please read our short shared post on tropical waves below and note, it is too early to tell the impacts (if any) on the CAI. #Tropicacyclone development is NOT anticipated from both waves.

We continue to monitor and will post updates IF NECESSARY


Tropical waves are extended areas of moderately low atmospheric pressure, leaning north to south which usually forms over the African mainland or the Atlantic Ocean and moves relatively from east to west across the tropics carried by prevailing easterly winds along the tropics and subtropics near the equator

Tropical waves are usually preceded by an area of sinking, intensely dry air, sloping as a northeast wind. With the passage of the axis, the wind turns to the southeast, the humidity suddenly rises, and the atmosphere destabilizes, producing widespread showers and thunderstorms, sometimes severe. However, not all waves produce those conditions because periodically, a surge of intensely dry air known as the Saharan Air Layer (SAL) is entrained behind a tropical wave, resulting in cloudless or nearly cloudless skies as convection is limited by the dry layer inversion. Also, any dust which may be present within the SAL reflects solar radiation, slightly cooling the atmosphere below it. Windshear can also play a part in curtailing shower activity

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