The Cabinet has changed its tone on charging residents a fee of about 100 per night for quarantine accommodation.

It was agreed in Cabinet today that the contribution of EC$100 by each returning national, to assist in deferring the cost of the accommodation, will be somewhat voluntary.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas told the post-cabinet news conference that passengers will have the option of going to a facility where meals will be provides or going t facility where their families can bring the meals for them.

Two separate properties will be utilized, and the passenger will have the opportunity to determine which will be preferable.

The Cabinet said personal responsibility is required of all during this crisis.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said yesterday that the fee would be imposed so that people do not exploit a loop hole to get a free vacation in Antigua & Barbuda.

Those who are required to remain in a public quarantine space will have Covid-19 PCR tests taken, and they will be released to their families to complete their 14-day quarantine period if the results returned are negative.

The Cabinet also learned that 150 returning nationals will be arriving within a week, and more than 600 returning nationals can be expected during June 2020.

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