White racism is oppressing the indigenous people of SVG. What is the point of having our independence, if we live in a country where there is one rule for the super-rich, white foreigners, and another rule for the indigenous people of SVG?

For decades, successive white-led NDP and ULP governments have introduced and upheld laws and policies that favour the super-rich, white foreigners in SVG, and discriminates against the indigenous people of SVG. Our country’s black majority has been controlled by racist laws, propagating white wealth and black poverty, white economic supremacy and black destitution.

White racism is perpetuating poverty and destitution in our country. White racism is stopping the children of SVG from getting a university education and escaping generational poverty. White racism is having a long-term negative impact on our country. Looking at how many black youths do not finish school and end up jail.
White racism is insipid, nasty, vile and oppressive. White racism in SVG must end now.

The objective of white racism in SVG is to keep the super-rich, white foreigners rich, and keep the black indigenous people poor. It is to keep the super-rich, white foreigners living a life of wealth and luxury, and keep the black people cutting the white man’s grass, sweeping the white man’s floor, cooking the white man’s food and cleaning the white man’s toilet.

The NDP and ULP regime’s distasteful racist 19th-century policies seek to perpetuate the cycle of indigenous disadvantage. There is a huge disparity in education, employment and particularly housing outcomes in SVG between the super-rich white foreigners and indigenous people, due to persistent and blatant racial discrimination.

Under white racism, indigenous people are treated as inferior, have fewer rights, not valued as much, endure economic genocide, and suffer segregation and displacement. The list of discrimination and wrongs is long.

Indigenous people are still treated as second-class citizens, even though the colonial days have ended.

In a majority black country, why is it that the super-rich white foreigners live in generational wealth and luxury, and the indigenous black people live in generational poverty and destitution? It is because of the white racism of the ULP and NDP regime leaderships.

White racism has resulted in large swaths of our lands being sold off cheaply to super-rich white foreigners, whilst many poor black people have to live jam up in small areas. White racism has resulted in toxic legislation. White racism has resulted in white enclaves, designed to keep black people out unless they are serving the white man.

White racism has resulted in poor black people being pushed off their land, displaced to make way for the super-rich white foreigners. White racism has resulted in black farmers being moved from their farmed lands to make way for hotels for the white man.

White racism has resulted in a racist tax system that gives the super-rich white foreigners in Mustique and Canouan hundreds of millions of dollars of tax and customs duty exemptions. White racism has resulted in a system that allows the super-rich white foreigners to influence the government of their choice.

White racism has resulted in the majority black population being led by whites. White racism is so pervasive that the indigenous people are highly fearful of expressing any form of dissent.

According to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan Bertie O’Neal, BSc (Hons) MSc, MBA, if we fail to destroy white racism in SVG, then white racism will destroy us and the lives of our children for generations to come.

In SVG, we must promote, develop and maintain a black race identity for people of black ancestry. We need social, political and economic empowerment of black communities and people, and must resist the abhorrence and hatred of white racism.

Why do we send our children to school, if all they are allowed to achieve in life is to be a modern-day slave for the white man or spend decades in jail? The potential of the black youth must be realised and not sacrificed under white racism.

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