While the COVID-19 pandemic rages the world-over, its impacts are as diverse as the people who are influenced in one way or the other by its long reach.

Eighteen year-old Rejiro Roberts a.k.a R’Jay like so many others did not escape unscathed; his experience turned him on to music.

Born and raised on Union Island, he left his studies at the Union Island Secondary School when he migrated last November to the United Kingdom to live with his mother Karen Roberts, formerly of Union Island by way of Spring Village, and older brother who’s enlisted in the British Army.

Recardo Roberts, his father, is a trusted VINLEC power station operator who still lives on the Southern Grenadine island.

The enforced lockdown in the UK that resulted from the thousands of infected COVID-19 victims and eventual deaths brought R’Jay face to face with his latent musical talents which he was ignoring for much of his life.

His mother and manager told Asbert News Network, “I never really thought he would do the whole song on his own, he was never the singing type of person.”

R’Jay agreed with his mother’s sentiment saying, “it was never in me but I saw it as a way of expressing myself. There were difficult moments especially during the lockdown just being at home by myself most of the times so I utilized my time writing and singing songs. To me music is a great inspiration also it is a form of therapy and relaxation.”

In his time spent on earth thus far, he claims to have suffered some difficulties “coping with life situations especially peer pressure as well as being bullied a lot in school.”
Today, though, he holds no grudges as his overarching desire is to complete his studies in music production and performing arts after his scholastic programme kicks off in September of this year. He also hopes to return to his native stomping grounds in service of Vincentian youth.

“In the near future I am looking forward to be back and owning my studio and producing music working especially with youth. I remember being bullied in school so this to me is a great achievement.”

‘Fake Love,’ his debut demo record, comes 6 months into his experimental phase in music production. It reflects the age old tale of unrequited affection wrapped in fresh imagery that speaks of him giving the world and stars in return for space from his unnamed love interest.

The hip-hop/R&B fused ballad was mixed and mastered by another up and coming Vincentian music producer Jauwan Hadaway for Boss Legacy Records. Hadaway also hails from Spring Village but now resides in the UK.

Benzimen Music provided the musical accompaniment to R’Jay’s lyrics and it was licensed for use on Youtube by Empire for the Richteam Music Group.

R’Jay promises to offer his growing fan base more musical renditions on situations that impacted his life. Follow along on his social media platforms – instagram @kvng_dreyy, on facebook @rejiro.roberts or subscribe to his Youtube channel R’Jay Musiq for updates on his new releases (another one of which is slated for later this month) and other career developments.

“Fake Love” is now available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Itunes and Spotify for digital download.

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