Stealing $225 from a co-worker has triggered a criminal record for 20-year-old Neeka Jack of Campden Park, and the possibility of him losing his job.

Appearing at the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday, Jack pleaded guilty to stealing $225 from Jarron Fox of Largo Height.

The facts, as presented by Court Clerk Corporal Atnel Ash revealed that both men were employed at the Packaging Department of the St. Vincent Brewery at Campden Park.

On June 12, Fox received his pay package of $240 from the Company. He took out $15, and put the remaining $225 in a bag which he placed in his locker. However when he subsequently returned for the money in the bag, it was not there. He reported the matter to the supervisor; CCTV was checked, and footage was revealed of Jack searching the bag and removing the money. A report was made to the police and Jack was arrested and charged.

He said he bought Kentucky Fried Chicken with the cash, when questioned in Court by Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpleche.

Noting that Jack had no previous convictions, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne added, “What a stupid way to get a criminal record”.

She pointed out that this would now hamper a lot of things for the youngster, including potential travel.

“Stop following whoever going happy go lucky and carefree, and stop doing stupidness”, she advised.

“Even if it was a small quantum, that amount of money could have done a lot. It means a lot to him”, she said, referring to the virtual complainant.

But Browne told Jack she was going to give him a chance to redeem himself. She noted his age, the prospect of rehabilitation, he had no previous convictions, and that he pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity. She ordered him to compensate the complainant in the sum of $225 forthwith or two weeks in prison.

Jack told the Court his mother was there to assist him, but the Magistrate warned, “You will not always have mommy to come and help you”. (The Vincentian)

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