New Democratic Party officials have opted for a shared resources policy that would see the South Central Windward constituency benefiting from the electioneering resources of its Central Kingstown counterpart. This announcement came as MP for the Central Kingstown seat, Major St. Clair Leacock, addressed the SCW constituency office launch, last Saturday.

Major Leacock pledged his constituency’s finely tuned campaign assets even as he underpinned the importance of winning the largely agricultural district. Senator Israel Bruce is the area candidate endorsed by the main opposition force, the NDP, going into the next General Elections which are constitutionally due by March 2021.

“Simply put it means that all, all, all of the resources of Central Kingstown would be put and placed at the disposal of South Central Windward to ensure their political victory. And they can call upon us for all of the assistance that they need in that regard,” Leacock who also serves as the NDP Vice President told Saturday’s audience.

He further described the hoped for retention of NDP incumbent seats as “a fait accompli” as distinct to the government making/breaking potential that is SCW – a ULP held seat.

“Here in South Central Windward, here in Lauders when the next election bell is rung and your constituency completes a successful campaign and your candidate the Hon. Israel Bruce wins this seat it is not a fait accompli it is the government has changed….

“We in the New Democratic Party… are giving you here in South Central Windward a special charge, a special responsibility: You, singularly, can carry forward your historical mandate of changing the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and changing the future once and for all and giving us the brighter day that we deserve in this St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

MP Leacock, a 2 term incumbent, briefly expounded onVincentian political history while noting that SCW was not an original constituency after universal adult suffrage was introduced here in 1951.

He also lauded the distinguished leadership of that area’srepresentatives over the years even as he reminded listeners and viewers alike that “it was this constituency of South Central Windward where the New Democratic Party made its transformational contribution to St. Vincent by bringing land to the landless and translating and transferring a working place people to a middle class that provided all and much of the professionals that we have today that can run our public services. 

“Today apart from the important leadership that would be provided by Israel Bruce, this constituency – with the plans that he would unfold – would take centre place in making SVG the place that we want it to be and ensuring, as Dr. Friday says, that the best years for the New Democratic Party are still ahead of us.”


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