Police and Fire investigators are probing a fire that completely torched the vehicle of journalist Travis Chase and two other vehicles early this morning.

The new Honda-CRV was parked in the compound of the Department of Public Service Training and Scholarships at around 3 o’clock this morning when the incident occurred.

Chase who lives nearby and usually parks at night in the compound said he was alerted by the shouts of the security guard. He explained that he immediately rushed across to the compound and saw his car engulfed in flames.

He said he immediately contacted the fire service as the fire quickly spread to the other vehicles under the shed.

Chase’s vehicle was completely destroyed along with a mini-bus, a car, and a motorcycle.

He said he is baffled as to what may have caused the blaze, adding that he believes it could have been deliberately set by someone.

The tv journalist who also works for a gold mining company said he is hoping for a full and thorough police investigation. The vehicle was recently purchased.

A few weeks ago, the tyres of another vehicle that was being used by Chase were all slashed in front of his home. That matter is still under investigation.

Source :News source Guyana