Vincentian soca bard Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper is expected to make a full recovery following an unfortunate vehicular accident in which he was the sole participant and ultimate victim.

Reports are that on Friday July 3, as Fireman was en route to a much anticipated virtual showdown between himself and Skinny Fabulous his car overturned at about 5:45 p.m. He sustained injuries and was transported first to the smart hospital in Georgetown and then later to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital after it became apparent that specialist care would be needed to attend to his injuries.

In an Asbert News Network exclusive interview, Island Network’s Herric Horne, Fireman’s manager of longstanding reported, “he was travelling to do an event for Flow but when he got to the Gorse area there was some debris in the road. You know that area have some banks that normally come down in the road, when he approached it was too soon for him to take away from it so that’s what caused the car to flip.”

Fireman won the Soca Monarch title for the 10th time in 2018, following his “Amen” rendition, and was “awarded a new car valued at $40,000, compliments Coreas and Hazells Inc.” according to the Vincentian Newspaper.

This, according to Horne, is the same car that spiraled out of control as the renowned entertainer was making his way to present a Flow SVG powered commemorative performance on the same day that the 2020 Soca Monarch should have been held.

Close family friend and spokesperson, Jean Johnny-Findlay, told us that the veteran performer was “hospitalized since the accident” with damages to his right hand. And though he was being held for further observations he, as always, was “in good spirits” moreover he “never lost consciousness.” She also noted that previous reports claiming that Fireman himself sustained extensive injuries were not quite accurate though the vehicle was badly damaged.

Horne, in a separate interview, concurred while explaining that the 2018 prize had to be towed away from the accident site. He also said, “three of his fingers on his right hand were broken so they transferred him to the Milton Cato Memorial because here is where they have the bone specialist.

“So they looked at him this morning [July 4, 2020] and well he’s able to move the fingers that were broken so we’re taking that as a good sign. They’re in a cast… he’s doing alright now.”

Although he was still hospitalized up to publishing time, no adverse developments are anticipated on Fireman Hooper’s path to recovery.

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