(268today.com) On Thursday, St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister and chairman of LIAT’s shareholders Dr. Ralph Gonsalves revealed that all four major shareholder governments of LIAT unanimously agreed to liquidate LIAT 1974 Ltd at a meeting held on June 27.
Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to Gonsalves. Here is Browne’s response:

Out of respect and deference for you as a senior Caribbean Statesman, I will not venture to call you a notorious liar, but I must signal my disappointment with your deception. A partial story to suit a recriminatory narrative, could never be considered as the truth. My Dear Comrade, let’s bury the intellectual subterfuge and recriminations. You are fully aware, that I never and will never, support the liquidation without the creation of a new LIAT. Let’s unite and reorganize LIAT for the benefit of the Caribbean people.

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  1. Pay Gaston no mind Ralp. Let him continue to loud and obnoxious. The best thing that Gaston can do is to make Liat the airline of Antigua and him run it. We rather take your word than that of Gaston.

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