Grenadian-Vincentian Died From “Multiple Gunshot
Relatives of a deceased man found recently in the Baleine Mountains “with what appeared to be bullet wounds” have appealed to Asbert News Network to recognize his Vincentian heritage.
A bulletin, issued by the Royal SVG Police Force after a video which showed local coast guard officers offloading what looked like a fully wrapped body that was strapped to a stretcher from a vessel while heading for a hearse, identified the deceased as “a Grenadian national Dwayne Seaton who is believed to be in his forties.”
According to his adopted sister Mrs. Lorraine, “he grew up in St. Vincent. He did all his schooling here; primary and secondary.” Dwayne, also known as Boy/Bounty/Jarrow, migrated from Grenada with his biological sister when they were mere toddlers, Lorraine said. Although they were not legally adopted, as was the custom of the times, her parents took both children and raised them as her own.
The Seatons were born to a Vincentian mother and Grenadian father. They spent much of their lives growing up in Edinboro, a fact that the RSVGF Public Relations Department acknowledged when contacted by ANN. It was however omitted from the only media update issued to date.

As it happens, this oversight is causing some problems for foreign based relatives who are trying to make travel arrangements to come home. “My siblings and other aunts who are coming from overseas and their workplace is saying that the article said he is from Grenada so that is hindering them.
“Because they are asking for death certificate and all things to prove because in the article that went out he is a Grenadian, they doubt that they’re actually coming here for that,” Lorraine said.
Seaton was not an itinerant; he was living and farming in Owia for some time now, relatives told ANN. In fact, “he was in a relationship with a young lady in Owia for the past 4 years,” according to his adopted sister.
Since he first arrived here, we were also told, Seaton left “for a small stint” as a 20-something-year-old on a quest to connect with his father’s side of relations. He never left since his return from that trip a few months later.
Local police eventually released the deceased following an autopsy which confirmed that the 40 years old Vincentian-Grenadian died from multiple gunshot injuries. The death certificate was released on Monday July 13 and listed Seaton as being “from Grenada/Owia” though there was some “issue with the date he was pronounced dead” which had to be initialed and corrected.
To date the family is still unsure as to who would want to hurt the farmer. “The police said they’re investigating so we’re just waiting to hear if they come up with anything because we live Edinboro and he was living in Owia,” one relative said.
Equally unclear is who gave the police the information relating his Grenadian heritage as they are all adamant that neither of them who spoke with the investigating officer shared such.
“They ain’t question nobody here is just like who they meet up there when them carrying out them investigations… but they did not confirm the information with the family before they released it,” Seaton’s sister told us.
It was his nephew Kimani Layne who officially identified the deceased to the police. While he denies mentioning Seaton’s Grenadian roots, he explained, “they didn’t tell us that they had heard he was Grenadian either.”
A candle light vigil to mark his 9 nights passing is set for Thursday evening “out Owia.” Funeral arrangements are yet to be announced.

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