Osie George was sentenced on July 21 to twelve months in prison on burglary and assault charges.
The twenty-five years old, unemployed man of old Montrose also had a previous marijuana charge against him. Magistrate Ricky Burnette accepted his guilty plea but cautioned George about the seriousness of the crimes committed.
“You came very close to committing a sexual act. We need to deter others from committing crimes of this nature,” the learned magistrate is said to have intoned.
The Court heard on July 3, 2019 Kimesha Denny was awakened when someone stroked her bottom. Alarmed, she opened her eyes only to recognize the face of her cousin Osie George.
Denny, who “was really upset,” supposedly questioned George’s actions and his motives. He then exited the bedroom and went towards the living room area where she remembers hearing other voices.
She thinks the trespassers entered the family home through the floor since their house is under renovation.
It would appear that this is a habitual infraction for the convicted trespasser as several other reports have allegedly surfaced with “other young ladies talking about similar experiences with Osie.”
Kimmesha Dennie, the virtual complainant, thinks his allotted time behind bars “should have been longer.”

Casey Alexander