The Ministry of Education is currently engaged in the process of reviewing the preliminary results of the 2020 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) Examinations with assistance from the Caribbean Examinations Council.

The established policy guideline relating to these examinations provides an opportunity for students to query their grades. Investigations into reported discrepancies have revealed that the errors discovered relates to the internal component of the assessment that is locally generated. The Caribbean Examination Council is in no way responsible for the identified discrepancies.

The Ministry of Education will continue to work in the interest of all stakeholders and regrets any inconvenience caused as a consequence of our due diligence exercise.

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  1. There are also reports of two children , same last name from the same school. One a consistent student from a top primary and the other a struggling student. One past to go to a top school , the other to a lower rank school.
    The struggler went to the to school and the top student went to the lower rank school. The struggler is seriously struggling while the consistent student is aceing their tests. What is funny is that the struggler had a parent with access to the Ministry’s database. Go figure!

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