By Casey Alexander

Rodney King was placed on a year’s bond and ordered to pay EC$1500.00 forthwith if the bond is broken within three months. He was also ordered to pay Allison John EC1500.00 by October 30, 2020 as compensation having been found guilty of assaulting and wounding her.

The 30 years old sailor, a resident of Arnos Vale, had a previous conviction stemming eight years back.

Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett concluded the evidence brought against the accused assailant was quite strong and that it was plain that King was guilty of the charges brought against him by John.

King conducted his own defense.

The court heard that on December 25, 2019, Rodney had sent out season’s greetings to friends amongst whom Allison was named. Allison was said to have responded sarcastically saying, “I’m sure you are not alone.”
King supposedly challenged her “to come find out” and Allison evidently made her way, by foot, to Arnos Vale from Dorsetshire Hill.

Former lovers, they enjoyed wine and a pleasurable afternoon but when it was time to leave John apparently became reluctant. King gave Allison $50 for a taxi to take her home. But while King was getting ready to leave he allegedly saw Allison going through his wallet. He demanded that she leave and things took a turn for the worst.

Allison John allegedly started throwing items around the house before a physical altercation ensued.

John sustained injuries to her face and described the swelling as having spread across the entire right side of her face. She claims to have been instructed, by a physician, to get a CT scan.

Court side, Rodney King apologized to Allison stating it was not intentional he just wanted her to go home.

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