The annual summer road cleaning programme is scheduled to begin on Thursday August 6, 2020.

The initiative spearheaded by BRAGSA, will see the employment of over five thousand persons island-wide.

This will include 395 gangs and 892 jobbers, who will be responsible for the cutting of trees, and cleaning of roads in all 15 constituencies over the next two weeks.

Contracts will also be given to over 150 truckers and conductors.

The programme is being done at an estimated cost of 2.5 million EC dollars.

BRAGSA is therefore appealing to motorists and pedestrian to take the necessary precautions during this period.


  1. Why is this being announced other than it is a surprising anomaly?

    The roads and ditches should be cleaned and maintained all year round. These should not be bribe payment jobs because the election is coming. This is the normal function of a functioning government. It is nothing to get excited about or to brag about.

    Every town and village should have teams of people who are annually employed on a full-time basis. Working in their areas, places they know and understand.

    Giving the few ULP people money whenever an election is coming, or so as they can pay for their children’s school books is sick. It can be equalled to estate slavery, its very nasty and those announcing such matters should be punished.

    The people who accept this work are desperate and are being mentally abused.

    How about a Kingstown Car-Park Revolution? Not as annoying as the comrade’s Road Block revolution. I am not saying do it, just what about it, are there any out there willing to consider such an action?

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