A Vincentian man has developed an artificial intelligence application, Play43D, which he says can predict winning 3D, Play4 and Lotto numbers.

Steve Tyrell, a Programmer from Kingstown Park, said that he has been working on the application software for over three and a half years, and has employed the services of overseas-based programmers over the period only for sorting specific coding.

Two versions of the Application

In order for the software to be effective, the programme must have a past history of 3D, Play4 and Lotto numbers called.

“It then uses machine learning capabilities, artificial intelligence to randomize and target the numbers that aren’t playing often.

“My understanding how the lotto system works tells me it is basically under control. My reason is that you will not see numbers that are popular being called because a lot of people would play them and trust me, you will see 6 months, 8 months a whole year …… and those numbers don’t drop, why? Because I believe those numbers have a big pay out so they don’t allow those numbers to drop. Their objective is to target the numbers that have less payout,” said Tyrell.

There is a free version and a paid version of the Play43D application. The free application is available on Google Play Store for android devices. The paid version cost $150.00 and can be accessed by contracting Tyrell at cell number: 1 784 431 8112.

“Your chances when using the paid version is 90 percent. So you get a 90 percent artificial intelligence learning capability operation.For the free version you get a 70 percent chance,” Tyrell explained.

What the Application does

According to the programmer, users would have to put in their numbers of choice in the boxes provided. The system will then generate its own numbers.

“By doing so on an ongoing basis, you basically are training it to be more accurate in predicting the numbers. With the paid version, you don’t have to go through much training, but with the free version you got to train it on an ongoing basis. You can generate up to 20 to 50 numbers if you want and watch and see what the outcome will be,” said Tyrell, adding that the application generates numbers for the 3D, Play4 and Lotto draws.

He said that the paid version of the application can generate numbers vertically and horizontally. This, Tyrell said, will especially help those people who use books to compute and/or try to predict numbers for upcoming draws.

The Application and the NLA

On the question of whether or not the application will sit well with the National Lotteries Authority (NLA), the body which operates the games for which the Application provides some “help”, the Kingstown Park man said that he did not see any reason why his application should be an issue for the NLA.

“I am not rigging or hacking their system. I am in no way hacking them,” he responded, adding, “Instead, the application should be welcomed by NLA since it will help them generate more revenue because more persons will have the desire to play.

“More persons would be playing, more persons would be winning, but Lotto will not lose because of the way their system is designed.”

Source : The Vincentian

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  1. What a sweet fairy story, Vincentians will rush to pay the $150. Think about this if everyone gets the same results and do the same numbers the payout will about a cent each. Now if this was true, the man that made it would keep it to himself and wait until the big jackpots come along and play them himself and take the whole winning pot.

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