I have decided to go public with my views since I don’t think the NDP is considering what I have to say.

I have come to the point where I am thinking that the repeating of how the ULP did not win the last election fairly, is getting to be like an old record that got stuck on the turntable. And I do not think, Mr. Editor, as a simple man, that to harp on this is getting the NDP anywhere. Somebody is going to shout at the DJ to change the record. That person could well be me.

The way I look at it is that that is a thing of the past and we have another election in the near future to deal with, so let us think ahead, not about what has happened.

If we want to correct anything that we think went wrong in the 2015 general election, we have the opportunity of the next election to correct all that by voting the ULP out of office.

Mind you, this is no easy task. The way I see it is that the ULP had close to twenty years to consolidate itself in office. Not just twenty or so years, but four consecutive terms in government. The way to encourage people to vote for you, is not to harp on the last election but to highlight the many mistakes they made, like where they have put SVG and whether they are the ones to take us further into the 21st century.

So, my friend, the answer lies in the next poll, not in harping on something that has gone and which we cannot change.

Removing them is the only way.

Ashes, Kingstown

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  1. We must all look back, but not stare there to long. We must all keep looking back because the theft of the previous election must never be forgotten. Unless we keep looking back we will never recognize when history is repeating itself. Because given a fraction, not even a half a chance they commit the same crimes again. They have already been bribing the people with building materials and describing it as something else, which is a sham. If they are doing that we may be sure all the other filth will be repeated.

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