Days after announcing his frustration with the leadership of the New Democratic Party (NDP), political commentator Kingsley Defreitas has been admonished by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves to stay away from him and the ULP.

Defrietas who called into the Prime Minister’s weekly radio programme on NBC radio St. Vincent and the Grenadines earlier today told the PM:

“This election is an interesting election. This election is between the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, Camillo Gonsalves and Julian Francis.”

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“And when you came in 2001, you ask for the job and you doing a relatively good job.”

The Political leader of the Unity Labour Party who is seeking an unprecendent 5th term as Prime Minister responded in jest:

“But you want change me even though I am doing a relatively good job”.

“But I thought you just said a few days ago that because of how NDP behave in relation to Kirk DaSilva you done with them, so you twist your tongue. That’s why I tell you that I don’t have time to waste with you”.

“Kingsley, you have never supported me, I won in 2001 without you, in 2005, in 2010, in 2015 and I will win in 2020 without you and for God sakes, please don’t come and support me because you go blight me.”

While maintaining that he is still withdrawing his support from the NDP, Mr Defreitas said:

“I withdrawing my support from them but I still have the agenda to put you to be in opposition in the next elections…because it is time for a change.”

Continuing the dialogue, Prime Minister Gonsalves who enjoyed the political picong quipped:

“Change from what to what? From progress to backwardness? How long is too long when what you have is good? If you want to give Friday a chance, I say to you and him, play lotto, play set for life, play scratchie.”

“You want blight me and the ULP? Stay where you are Kinglsey”.

“Let me tell you something, on the taxi stand, because you oppose me, most of the people support me because the people nah like you out there.”

“I like some people who don’t support me, you are one”.


  1. “Play Lotto, Play set for life, play scratchie.” Maybe a jovial statement but have you thought of the possible implications of that line to Friday.
    Is politics a money tree??
    IdI think that NDP is weakening because of their ice-aged methods of campaigning but I also think that too much confidence in the ULP camp can cause hurt. Keep the focus on the people guys and their needs.
    The ULP won their first election by swing votes. If people who never supported you are considering coming onboard why cripple the process? Accept the new ones and welcome the prodigals too. A great leader once taught us that. I’m still waiting for greatness

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