In addition to the regular service offered to its members, the General Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU) for the last 39 years has made education the focus of its extended outreach to members.

During those 39 years, GECCU has handed out scholarships to students

who have been successful at exams (CPEA) that take them into secondary school.

This year, scholarships were awarded to thirteen students: Najah Lewis, Andre Quamina, Darry Ann Richardson, Christiano Fitzpatrick, Kalen Browne, Isabella Sam, Sarah Foster, Ayaila Robertson, Jonathan Wood, R Jay Brooker, Brycen Pompey, Deejay Hackshaw and Leshaugn Noel.

One hundred and fifty-eight other successful students will get bursaries from GECCU.

The recipients received certificates and cheques at a ceremony held at the Kingstown Methodist Hall, August 20.

Kezi Francis, a former GECCU scholarship holder and currently a Legal Officer at the Department of Inland Revenue, directed her motivational speech at the students. She urged them to be true to themselves, and to balance school work with other activities like sport, music, dance, or computer programming.

Harold Lewis, GECCU President, remarked on the scaled down version of this year’s exercise, the result of the threat of COVID-19. He, nevertheless, surmised that it was an “auspicious” occasion.

GECCU, he told the audience, had expended over $800,000 towards secondary school education, over the past five years.

Deputy chairman of GECCU’s Scholarship Committee Ronnie Daniel looked at the ceremony as an “affirmation” of the institution’s commitment to the nation’s children.

Hannah Browne, Senior Education Officer, praised GECCU for its fulfilment of the credit union philosophy, especially during a financial crisis.

She advised the students that this was the beginning of their secondary school career, and pointed out the importance of making the right choices.

Najah Lewis responding on the students’ behalf, remarked that her father was a GECCU scholarship recipient 36 years ago, and described the offer as one of the most prestigious in the state.

There was at least one other example of GECCU cross- generational reach with Colin Sam, a former recipient, witnessing a similar award being presented to his daughter, Isabella.

This year’s activity was held under the theme: ‘Greatness is within reach’.

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