The SCORCH cancer support foundation whose acronym stands for Surviving Strong Optimistic Resilient Confident Hopeful in spite of… is a non-profit base community organization which has the mandate of providing holistic care and support to persons who are diagnosed with any form of cancer celebrates five (5) years of anniversary.

As we celebrate this year, we recognize that it has been a challenging year not only on a local level but globally as well, yet as a foundation, we remain persistent and resolute in performing our task as our slogan reiterates “in spite of.” With the increasing incidence of cancer within St Vincent and the Grenadines, the foundation recognized the importance of providing support to the general public; by performing our philanthropic duties of social, psychological, educational and financial assistance to those diagnosed and affected by this dreaded disease.

The journey over the years has been challenging and frequently daunting, where several members of the foundation have succumbed to this disease; yet we remain resolute and steadfast with our mandate to assist persons who are in need. This echoes the optimism and resilience of our foundation as we are aware that persistency and dedication creates an atmosphere of pre-eminence. This year we want to recognize and show our gratitude to those individuals and businesses who have continuously devoted their time and efforts in assisting us to grow as foundation on an annual basis.

As we celebrate another year of existence as a foundation, our objective is to encourage the nation to adapt more preventative measures via regular check-ups to minimize or mitigate our risks for developing any form of cancer.

We encourage and reassure our citizens (both female and male respectively) to allow your physicians to perform annual pap-smears/ Pap test as well as self-breast examinations, and mammograms, as well as prostrate checks. Early detection/ diagnosis and early treatment is an essential catalyst in reducing mortality rate as it relates to disease as well as to prolonging lives. In a quest to eradicate this problem, we want to ensure that all persons in

St. Vincent and the Grenadines impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. Continue to help us fight this cause.