With the advent of Corvid 19, there is apparently some who have neither experience nor expertise in the area purporting to prescribe solutions. Because we live in a knowledge-based society, we should allow those with the capability to come forward with the remedy.

Shouldn’t the procurement of tablets be done by those in the computer business rather than the pharmacies or other entities? Are the computer stores better positioned to provide warranties and repairs as needed?

How should we prepare for the arrival of 30,000 tablets?

Allow businesses to handle the procurement

Train a minimum of 2 persons in each school, community and village in computer repairs

Provide interest free loans for individuals student/teacher to select their own device (computer/tablet)

Survey students to determine what device they prefer.

The aspect of choice allows students to choose what they want. The interest free loan creates a sense of responsibility and ownership and should cause students to value and care for the device. Repayment of loan would mean that resources would be available for the next set of students. The last method of device distribution was not successful and sustainable. let us not make the same mistakes again.

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