The British Virgin Islands will soon establish a task force to identify and track people who are living and working in the territory illegally.

Minister of Immigration Vincent Wheatley said special attention will also be paid to those individuals who are working for employers outside of what is specified on their work permits.

During a televised broadcast on Sunday, he said: “We’re asking persons not to do that. There are persons who came for Mary Jane but working for John Doe and so forth. All those things are illegal and we are asking persons to desist from this kind of behaviour.

Minister Wheatley said in a matter of weeks, the task force will be appointed and will immediately begin to work to deliver on its mandate to flush these people out.

He said because of lay-offs and job losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has been lenient.

However, he said individuals can’t be allowed to flout the territory’s Labour and Immigration laws without impunity

Source: Loop Caribbean

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