An injection of US $500,000 from Football’s world governing body FIFA, has come as a timely boost for Female Football here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation(SVGFF) – Carl Dickson made the disclosure when he addressed the opening of the 2020 Breakaway Masters Organisation’s Invitational Football Tournament, last Saturday, at the Grammar School Playing Field.

“There has been an allocation, the provision of US$500,000/EC$1.3 million, which would be totally dedicated to the development of female football in St Vincent and the Grenadines over the next short period,” Dickson declared.

And to ensure its optimum use, Dickson said, “We would like to encourage all of our female players and players who have an interest in the sport, to raise your hands at this juncture and get involved in the programmes organised by the SVGFF … You will be the main beneficiary…,” Dickson said.

It is expected that the main focus of the programme will be placed on the Secondary and Primary Schools’ Female Football Programmes.

In this light, Dickson informed that the SVGFF was in search of female coaches.

“Those females who are looking for gainful employment…have an interest in the sport and are so inclined to nurture and develop young talent, you are invited to come to the SVGFF office and speak to Mr. Wayne Grant …,” Dickson appealed.

Grant, who is the Second Vice- President of the SVGFF, is also the point man for female football in the national set up.