Candidates for the New Democratic Party (NDP) have called on Prime Minister Dr Hon Ralph Gonsalves to ring the bell and announce the date for the next general elections.

Party leader Dr Hon Godwin Friday led the charge speaking at the party’s Virtual Public Meeting last Thursday evening saying, “Whether Ralph want to or not, elections will come. And the longer he waits he will not get to ring the bell; the bell will ring him.”

“And when the bell finally rings for the elections in this country, let us understand there will be a huge, a major choice, not just in central Kingstown, there will be a major choice throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.

He said that the upcoming general elections is the most important in a generation. “As I have said before, each of us have only one vote, no matter how high or mighty, no matter how lowly or simple, it is one person, one vote,” said the Northern Grenadines representative.

“The ballot box is the great equaliser in politics. And that vote, the marking of that ‘X’ is the most powerful mark that most of us will ever have to make.”

Dr Friday said that each vote matters and may not have mattered more in our lifetime. “It matters because, that simple but extremely powerful mark will decide not just what we do for the next five years, but what sort of future we will have, what sort of country we will create for many, many years to come.”

“Suffice it to say. the ULP in government, they have let us down. They have let our people down many times, after 20 years in power, that fact if nothing else, is abundantly clear to all of us.”

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