I am calling the black, poor powerless and disrespected population of SVG to vote for black power in the upcoming general elections.

It is a proven truism that wealth, power and respect are linked together. Interestingly, the black population of SVG has none of these in their native land. In fact, across the world, black populations are poor, powerless and highly disrespected. Some even consider the black population as a defective breed.

Now, we see Black Americans rising up to demand their rights.

SVG is a classic example of a black, poor, disrespected and powerless population, which is moving into deeper poverty while a minority of others dominate commerce and economic opportunities.

Vincentians must embrace the reality that wealth is power and power commands respect. As a black people, we must demand political policies that guarantee black generational wealth. We must vote out black traitors who sell themselves to the highest bidder. I’m saddened to witness the replica of the wrongs inflicted on our ancestors being driven by our current black parliamentarians.

The SVG Green Party is the only party that presents a policy that guarantees black generational wealth.

Kadmiel McFee
British war veteran


  1. Dear Kadmiel, do you have one British pension or two? I really do not know what right you have to make racist and dangerous remarks which are obviously designed to get poor people into trouble. You are playing games with the minds of decent yet ignorant people.

    Why not give the UK back their two pensions and tell them to stuff them where the sun does not shine. You really are the very worst kind of Vincentian.

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