Prime Minister and Political Leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) Dr Ralph Gonsalves has asked his supporters to be patient and to be ready when the date for the next General Elections is called.

Speaking at the ULP’s (ULP) second virtual political meeting on September 16, Gonsalves referred to the song ‘Ring de Bell’, written and performed by local Soca Artiste Rondy ‘Luta’ McIntosh.

“Since then, the members and supporters of this great party have been clamoring for me to declare the election date…in response, I have said to the people ‘on your marks’,” he said.

“I will shortly advise our supporters, comrades and the Labour family “to get set,” the Prime Minister continued.

Gonsalves further said that in giving that advice, he expects the people to wait patiently, soberly and wisely for the bell.

“Please do not hurry me…. I am asking something instead of the Labour family. Be fully prepared, be fully prepared.”

And in his characteristic use of local idioms and references, Gonsalves declared, “As the son of a farmer, as a man who raised cattle and goat myself, as a man who represents a farming community, it ain’t long rope that does heng cattle… is short rope. And the short rope would appear not too long from now. But before I bring out and get ready with the short rope to heng the metaphoric NDP cattle, I am asking the Labour family to be fully prepared,” Gonsalves said.

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