Male and female footballers here are to benefit directly from the Covid Relief Package of FIFA – football’s world governing body – that has been made available to the SVG Football Federation (SVGFF).
Speaking at the Sion Hill Playing Field at a recent training session for female footballers, Carl Dickson, President of St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, gave this assurance and said further, “The SVGFF is pleased to announce the first phase rollout of the COVID Relief Package to the stakeholders in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”
According to Dickson, the SVGFF has received to date US$1, 000,000.00 (US$1m) of which US$500,000 is designated exclusively for female football development. 
“The current rollout is specific to the remaining US$500,000, which will see assistance being given to our 56 affiliates entities, comprised primarily of clubs, leagues, referees and match officials,” Dickson said.
He added, “We have taken the decision to provide much-needed assistance to our associate leagues and national team players. Total disbursements in this phase amount to approximately US$400,000 or 80% of available funding. The remaining US$100,000 has been set aside primarily to procure essential equipment, upgrade playing environs and to engage and adhere to health protocols necessary to create a bio-safe environment for our future footballing engagements locally, regionally and internationally.”
Dickson explained further that the SVGFF is providing assistance to national team players (180) of all age groups and gender, and hastened to remind “that the second phase of funding (US$500,000) is expected in January 2021, of which you will also be the primary beneficiaries as we navigate the current pandemic.” 

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