Public service providers in SVG often show signs of having personal crises? It is either hunger, fatigue, inefficient coworkers or some bully boss or supervisor. Actually, a lot of it might just be plain laziness. Efficient and workers with good working consciences are over worked and shunned as they show up the status quo.

There is an election coming up here in SVG. Cold hard fact is, the party you support might lose. Have we as a people been able to understand what the implications of this might mean for us and our households in particular in the workplace?

Vincentians in government workplaces ought to focus objectively on tasks to be performed and treat each other with fairness, dignity and respect in the workplace. They must do this regardless of party affiliation. If attitudes of equality and respect are not nurtured, we are going to cycle again into a future of more political discrimination and abuse of authority and power especially in government public service institutions regardless of who loses or wins.

Now is the time for government institutions to become more task and service focused and prepare for the inevitable – some workers supporting a party will see them loose in the upcoming elections. Is job security being looked at in these times fairly for all?

Is the outcome of the upcoming elections going to lead to more abusive victimization and discriminatory behavior in our government workplaces? Those who are in supervising and top roles, please now ensure your teams that there will be fair play regardless of the outcomes. Remove all pettiness and curry favor from our national equations. Be a part of the envisioned one SVG!

Sheldon Bramble

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