In his first national address following the announcement of the date of the general elections, Opposition Leader Dr Godwin Friday said he is not satisfied with the direction of the country.

He called out the governing Unity Labour Party (ULP) saying the government has been complacent and sought only the self-interest of their members.

Citing many broken promises, the Northern Grenadines MP said:

“You can see it with the national stadium, which turned into athletics track which is not even up to Olympic standard. You can see it with the failure to secure major developments on me and land St Vincent, despite big promises, flashy drawings.”

“Our country and our people have been failed and let down time and time again by the ULP. Government promises have been made on assurances given, but they have not been kept. They come to you with promises or gifts, but only when they want your vote.”

Buoyed by the opportunity to become this country’s 5th Prime Minister, Dr Friday added:

“It’s time for a better future because you deserve it. You deserve better. It is time for the NDP. The NDP plan is the right one for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is the right path to a better future for all our people. Strengthening our economy is crucial to realizing our true potential and we will do this by increasing investment, growth and jobs.”

The party in its campaign is focusing on jobs, investment and growth.

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