A dispute between two brothers in Park Hill has led to one of them receiving a severe beating by the police officers.

Daville Gumbs and his brother were involved in a fight on Sunday 11th sometime around 7pm.

Gumbs said that the neighbours called the police, but when the officers from the Colonaire Police Station arrived, he was already at a shop ‘hanging’ with some friends.

He admitted that when he heard the police were coming, he attempted to run, since he did not want to be arrested on a Sunday for a small domestic dispute.

“Me hear one a dem (police officer) said ‘Shoot the (expletive) man, shoot the man.’ But when me stop, one ah dem hit me with a gun in me head. From dat is bare gun butt and stamp me get,” he related.

Gumbs displayed his upper body during an interview last Tuesday while he awaited attendance at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Marks about his upper body could be deduced to be the result of blows. The area around his shoulders showed clear signs of swelling and his head had signs of at least three lacerations, which he said necessitated 17 stitches.

“Me head burst ya,” Gumbs said as he pointed to one of the cuts. “Is bare migraine headache I does get,” he added.

He said that he had reported the matter to the police headquarters in Kingstown and he was given two medical forms to take to the doctor; that was why he was at the MCMH.

And he had a complaint relating to that.

He said that he had been at the hospital for a long period without receiving any assistance. “I analyze something in did place (hospital)… if you come here and you don’t know anybody, you cyar get through in time. Bu if you come and call somebody you will get through fast,” said a visibly frustrated Gaynes.

In a follow-up interview (telephone) on Wednesday, Gumbs said that he had taken the medical reports forms back to the Kingstown Police Station, but all the officer did was to take his number.

“I want some kinda compensation because ah cyar work for a few days. Is like these officers taking advantage of people because ah cyar see why dey should beat me so after I couldn’t go anywhere,” Gumbs argued.
He was not charged with any offence.

The police said they are investigating the matter.

Source :The Vincentian

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