The SVG Football Federation launched its Public Relations Training beginning with the Premier Clubs on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd October 2020.

The training sessions are being conducted with the aim of enhancing the club structures through various marketing strategies that will attract potential sponsors while growing
their existing fan-base. As the clubs continue to move forward in the direction of an innovative and professional outlook these sessions are key to achieving such goal.
Different topics were looked at within the Sports Marketing Industry along with the highlighting of the importance of a social media presence while noting management tips and guidelines.

The request of the SVGFF is that the Clubs send their assigned their PRO
or Media Officer to the training sessions who are responsible for creating and managing
their Social Media platforms.
The Marketing Committee spearheaded the training sessions and they were conducted by Operations & Marketing Officer Ms. Crystel Huggins and Public Relations Specialist Mr. Val Matthias.

Six (6) of the ten (10) Premier Division Clubs were in attendance :- Avenues United,BESCO Pastures, Hope International, Jebelle FC, Largo Height Fc and Sion Hill FC.

absent clubs, Layou FC, Awesome FC, North Leeward Predators and System 3 will be invited again to join the First Division Clubs session as we see the need to share this information with all Licensed Clubs.

Training for the First Division Clubs will be held on Thursday 29th October 2020.

The SVG Football Federation will continue to develop the clubs for an overall professional outlook, with the Second Division Clubs being next on the agenda for training sessions.