Since the advent of the Covid 19 virus we are all advised to make our last will and testament. Anyone of us could go at any time. When we go, there should be no argument over our estate as we should have already determined who should be our heirs forever.
Papa inherited the Government from Nancy after that famous walk of Grand Beach Accord notoriety. Rather we should say that he demanded and obtained the portion of goods that would have come to him in due course if he had waited. But like the Prodigal Son, he obtained his portion through force then squandered it. This left the son at home, Eustace greatly disadvantaged.
All the good will and trust reposed in Papa in 2001 were progressively squandered. With all the monies spent, the economy is left in tatters, our Health Care system is broken, the Education Revolution failed, and Agricultural production is at its lowest. In Housing, people are satisfied with just a shack.
Tourism should have taken off with the commissioning of the international airport that apparently was credited from our people. Many investors should have been coming in to increase the number of our hotel rooms. But something must be wrong because apparently our pension funds are being used to build hotels that we would beg outside Investor/managers to operate. It appears that they have no confidence in our economy to hazard their own monies. It appears that one hotel, now closed was allowed to owe utility companies, workers and suppliers millions and pulled out without paying. How could we allow this to happen? Why would debt be allowed to accumulate for more than one month. Our services are cut off if this were to happen to us. The Utility companies and business places must be allowed to operate without interference to avoid this in the future. The outlook for tourism is bleak and the number of hotel projects under construction are apparently in jeopardy. Perhaps they should have followed the James Mitchell model of building one cottage at a time.
We use Insurance to cover us in difficult times. However, due apparently to inadequate supervision and negligence on the part of the authorities, security monies that were to be kept in this country were not deposited according to law.
Thus, much loss was suffered needlessly by our Vincentian population.
While the good son at home prevented a run on our National Bank by prudent decision and action, the Prodigal son apparently withdrew such a large sum from our Building Society that left it reeling up to today trying to avoid bankruptcy.
The prodigal son squandered much money on women and wine and seem to want to pass on this trait unto his own son but we will have none of it. Things might have been different if they had passed Integrity Legislation within the first 100 days as promised. But their intensions were clear: Get all you can and can all you get.
The Passport issue is up for grabs again. Therefore, we need to interview those most closely associated with them to clear the air. Those from the relevant department should be made to answer. Our Sexy Pastor needs to come from exile to answer. Who bought passports? Why were large quantities of passports destroyed? How did certain prominent businessmen obtain our passport? Let us not confuse the Sale of Passports that may be currently occurring with the well thought out Citizenship By Investment program. Apparently, those implicated in the Sale of Passports are trying to deflect the responsibility and blame unto others who neither have the Authority nor the position to do so.
As Papa makes his last will and testament, we know he claims ownership of lands from the Murrays, Bigger Biggs, Toussaint, DE Freitas, and Rasta man among others and has already distributed some of them however he sees fit. He also claims ownership of the country and the jobs. Having passed his three score and ten years, it is incumbent upon him that he puts the jobs, though few they may be, in capable hands. Jobs will need to be created for the thousands on Public Assistance, but this must be done if those people are to escape poverty.
There is no doubt that Papa owns the country. The courts may attest to this in light of the fact that: You may go to what ever court you want but you must come back to Papa. No wonder the Elections Petitions were not dealt with expeditiously as the court ordered. Perhaps Papa had other plans. We still await final resolution. The dilemma Papa has now is what to do with the country? Seeing that after 20 years he has found none fit on his side to inherit the country and the government he should take a walk on the Princess Margarette beach in Bequia and hand them over one of these Fridays.

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  1. Every word the truth, he will be so annoyed, because to him the truth is so annoying, it is something he has continually denied the Vincentian people.

    Thank you Anthony

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