Brighton, East Saint George – 31 October 2020 @6:30am
JEMS-CBRIP today announced
Brighton Bay Beach Cleanup! This is taking place today at 6:30am. Come one, come all, this is a massive community drive to claim back our beach!
Here, in this part of Brighton we have a coastline where the river meets the sea.

Thereis a large amount of rubbish that flows from the river due to dumping upstream as well
as the environmental pollution from sea, together all accumulates on the beach itself.

Apart from being an eyesore, more importantly it is a health hazard to both wildlife and humans, particularly currently where we have an outbreak of Dengue Fever in the
country at present. Additionally, we have also suffered immensely from the result of sand mining operations where the beachwas left in a terrible condition; the sand banks are eroding and the roads have been left in a terrible condition after the heavy traffic of trucks and diggers.
We wish to claim our community back; a residential neighbourhood that has one of the longest stretches of black sand beach on the windward coastline.

A place to go on the
weekends with the family to relax, picnic, swim, and play. Moreover, a place that is clean, where the river meets the sea and nature runs uninterrupted by pollution; a
place where turtles can come ashore and lay their eggs ashore without facing hazards.

JEMS-CBRIP would like to thank our sponsors Diamond Grocery, OSV Group, National Properties and Mountain Top.

One vision, one nation’s goal for self-sustaining ecosystems for rivers and beaches throughout St Vincent
and the Grenadines.

As a grassroot, environmental, non-profit organization our mission is to rehabilitate and conserve our
rivers and beaches through activities:
✓ Beach and river cleanups
✓ Prevent pollutions from entering ecosystems
✓ Educating our community on the environmental and climate change impact we face.
✓ Educating our youths to caring for the environment

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