North Windward MP Montgomery Daniel will be sworn in tomorrow as interim Deputy Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister announced that the ULP will elect a new Deputy Leader next year who will become the New Deputy Prime Minister.

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  1. It is not legal or Constitutional to swear in a permanent Deputy Prime Minister, there is no such provision in the Constitution and it is not for the ULP to elect such a person to such a position.

    Deputy to Governor-General.
    Deputy Speaker.
    Deputy Commissioner of Police

    There is absolutely no provision in the Constitution for Deputy Prime Minister. The only authorised deputies are the three listed above.

    Performance of functions of Prime Minister during absence or illness.

    54. (1) Whenever the Prime Minister is absent from Saint Vincent or by reason of illness is unable to perform the functions conferred upon him by this Constitution, the Governor-General may authorize some other Minister to perform those functions (other than the functions conferred by this section) and that Minister may perform those functions until his authority is revoked by the Governor-General.

    (2) The powers of the Governor-General under this section shall be exercised by him in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister;

    Provided that if the Governor-General, acting in his own deliberate judgment, considers that it is impracticable to obtain the advice of the Prime Minister owning to his absence or illness he may exercise those powers without that advice and in his own deliberate judgment.

    There is a definite procedure regarding someone a ting for the prime minister if he is absent, incapacitated or ill and those are laid out above.

    Take a look for yourselves

    The Governor General is acting on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth who is Head of State. It cannot be right for the Governor to be asked to commit an illegal act whilst acting on behalf of the Queen, which is in its self an insult to her Majesty and an illegal Act She has no right at all to appoint a permanent Deputy Prime Minister, not even a temporary one. She is only authorised to appoint a minister to act on behalf of the MP, without the title of Deputy Prime Minister. The Constitution is quite clear on the matter.

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