“I have never received one dime of St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) money.”

This was the unambiguous rebuttal of Carl Dickson, President of the SVGFF, to claims that he had been advanced “enormous amount of funds” and a stipend by the Federation.

Dickson, approaching the completion of the first year of his term in office, registered his rebuttal during a ceremony held last week Monday, at which clubs received their licences.

The President alluded to rumours that put the amount he “received” as high as $60,000.

In dispelling the rumours, he explained: “What becomes accessible to Presidents is a CONCACAF honorarium which Presidents are allowed to take. This has nothing to do with the operation of the Football Federation and the funds it receives from FIFA to conduct the business of football in a country.”

And he continued in that vein saying: “Since I took office in November, I never took any portion of my honorarium until February. To add to that, my directive was simply this: On the first of every month I will take one month equivalent of an honorarium. In the event that I fall ill or cannot function, what would transpire is that the incoming person, or the person acting in that position, can receive an honorarium going forward until I resume office or not.”

And even as he addressed the referenced issue, Dickson reminded affiliates and others that the immediate future would be taken up with transitioning to the proposed Semi-Pro League.

“We are engaging with external personnel and local expertise in getting the right model to execute this particular programme, for the overall economic benefit and development of our players and our game,” he said.

The proposed Semi-Pro League has the blessings of both CONCACAF and FIFA.son, who won a 3rd term by 505 votes, into a surety for at least 5 victories.

Source : (Ian Allen for the for the Vincentian )

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  1. My cousin is not a thief , his mother Is a God-fearing woman , will not encourage anything like this from her children , plus my cousin know the lord for himself, so who ever started this rumor , needs to put a stop to it , god dose not like ugliness, and remember god seeing every one of us, he promises to fight our battles for us , Carl hold your head up higher than ever , love Carleatha

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