The Government promised that nurses working with Covid-19 patients would be kept in quarantine for a period of time before being released to go back to their family but information coming to hand indicate that nurses were not subject to quarantine conditions.

“I didn’t like the fact that after you work with the Covid patient you have to go home to your family. Because we were told that we would be placed in a hotel in quarantine until we finished working with the patient and then we would be released to our relatives. But, afterwards, they said that after working with the patients we have to go straight back home,” the nurse told ANN during a recent interview.

The nurse said that the situation existed in the “height of the Covid season.”

“Before that, they used to put you up in a hotel when they didn’t have the patients,” another nurse told ANN.
Government authorities had said that nurses and other medical personnel caring for Covid-19 patients would be divided into teams and work on a rotation basis. They also said that the team would work for a period of time, following which they would be placed in quarantine for a period of time before they are cleared to go home.
This country built an isolation centre at Argyle which was to accommodate 24 patients.

A medical staff and others were to be housed at an annex there. However, up to recently, according to authorities, no Covid-19 patient had been housed there.

The facility is for severe cases of Covid-19. This country, so far, has not recorded any severe case of the dreaded virus.

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