With the success of his legendary RUMOURS EP and RUMOURS EP II, Jauwan is getting ready to release his self-produced deep and controversial single, “Daddy where are you?” on November 28th

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Sharing with you the issues and struggles he had as a kid growing up without a father. “I don’t wish this on anyone but I hope that those that can relate may cherish this one and hopefully inspire the future generation to be a part of their child’s life” said Jauwan.

Vincentian-born artist Jauwan Hadaway may have only been 8 years old when he entered the music spotlight, but his conscious lyrical style made him sound well beyond his years.
Growing up, Jauwan was inspired to pursue art in some form. Taking cues from his older relatives, he started off break-dancing for his family and friends before moving onto singing before finally settling on becoming a fully-fledged Dancehall Artist.
Since Jauwan started his own YouTube Channel in 2017, he has been averaging roughly 100,000+ views every year for the last 3 years. He is now currently sitting on 354,764 Video Views and over 5,000+ Subscribers.
Jauwan is currently 17 years of age but best believe that there’s nothing 17 years old about him. When you take a listen to his music, his mind-set and goals, this young lad would definitely make you become a fan.
He is independent and already owns his record label called “Boss Legacy Records” where he produces his own music, manages other artist while trying to keep up with his social life and his studies.
It’s always been a big dream for him said Jauwan and he has finally made it come through. Since discovering how to distribute music on his own in 2019, He is now sitting at approximately 160K streams in the last 12 months on the ever growing streaming platform, Audiomack. This is proof that his music is in high demand, not just in the Caribbean but Internationally.
“I have big plans, not just for me but also for my country” said Jauwan on a live interview. Singles such as “Just Gwaan”, “How Me Feel” and “Please Everybody” has now made Jauwan a household name in St. Vincent and other Caribbean countries.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jauwan_bankz/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jauwanhadaway101
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWo-3LvcwMpcixbY-BknmOg

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