The Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) has completed the construction of a new concrete road in Layou, Central Leeward.

The project saw the construction of a 680 feet long roadway, along with a 110 feet long Curb wall.

In addition, 100 feet of Curb and Slipper drains were constructed.

The project was carried out at a cost of $179, 000.

It was done over a five month period.

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  1. A concrete road laid without vibration and is multi-porous will last about five minutes before it starts to break up. An absolute waste of taxpayers money, BRAGSA’s managers and the minister of works should be held responsible and asked to repay, resign, or be fired. In the case of BRAGSA broken up and replaced by a more competent corporation.

    If it is to be used by trucks it will become a pothole nightmare.

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