Membership is now open to fashion designers and other service providers within the fashion industry, such as manufacturers, textile designers, make-up artists, pattern makers, marketing and advertising professionals, photographers, models, and other industry practitioners. The aim of the Association is to act as the guiding body for practitioners within the industry, by providing or facilitating training, workshops and events as well as to lobby on behalf of its members for initiatives and policies that will aid in the development and increased competitiveness of St. Vincent & the Grenadines in the area of fashion and design within the region.

The current Board was formed in November 2019 and has spent the past year working on setting up a structure for the success of the organization. This included meetings with stakeholders, forming a focus group, conducting needs-basedsurveys, working on and completing a strategic plan, as well as launching its website and social media pages.

The current FASVG Board members are:-

Odini Sutherland – President; Rhondel Dickson – Vice President; Kimya Glasgow – Secretary;

Ikesha Delpesche – Treasurer; Christal Oliver – Director; Kimon Baptiste-St Rose – Director; Rachel Bailey – Director.  

The Association is a result of over a decade of discussion and canvassing of industry practitioners, that culminated in 1 year of intense focus and direction supported by organizations such as OECS Competitive Business Unit, Invest SVG, Centre for Enterprise Development, The Department of Trade in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Culture & the Department of Industry.  

The Association is also planning its first event entitled “Desperate Gifts” – a one-night Christmas Pop-up shop at the Nine Nights of Lights event at the Curator’s House in the St Vincent & the Grenadines Botanical Gardens. FASVG “Desperate Gifts” will be an opportunity for the general public to shop and network from local designers, artists, artisans and other small businesses for a wide variety of creative Christmas gifts on Saturday 19th December.

The Fashion Association of St. Vincent & the Grenadines is a legally registered non-profit organization. Persons who are interested in membership can visit the association’s website at or email for more information.

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