The Royal Montserrat Police Service continues to exhibit where there is unity there is strength. Three officers of the Service were inducted as Adult Instructors within the Montserrat Cadet Corp on December 1, 2020.

PC Paramanand Jailall appointed as Midshipman
PC Jemron Delplesche appointed as Warrant Officer Class 2
PC Michael Celestine appointed as Probationary Petty Officer

Inspector Rodney former DPA of the Montserrat Coastguard was elated on learning of their promotion. He indicated that it was a pleasure to see the growth of Midshipman Jailall and wishes him well as he continues to display his capabilities.

Inspector Rodney recalls during the initial stage of the Sea Cadet program Probationary Petty Officer Celestine was committed to a supporting role in ensuring all the resources needed prior to the commencement of the session were in place. Keep it up

Additionally Inspector Rodney indicates that after interacting with Warrant Officer Class 2 Delplesche one would know he is all about Service, hence it was only a matter of time before he was recognized. Congratulations and continue to press forward

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