Two years and four months after Spiritual Baptist Bishop and travel agent Ian Enoch’s blood-stained was discovered in a hut at the Cayo Village – a reconstructed Carib village outside the Argyle International Airport – the man accused of his murder has pleaded guilty.

Twenty-seven-year-old Anwar Jack of Georgetown, charged that between August 17th and 18th, 2018, he caused the death of Ian Enoch by an unlawful act, pleaded guilty to the charge last week during his arraignment.

Jack was further remanded into custody following his plea. His sentencing is adjourned to December 18th, 2020, pending a social inquiry report.

Earlier this year, Jack’s lawyer Grant Connell raised the question of a psychiatric assessment to determine whether he was fit to enter a plea.

Enoch was said to have left for an event in Villa on the evening of Friday 17th August, 2018. His body was discovered approximately 8 miles away on the following morning after his wife reported him missing.

Enoch’s red Suzuki Escudo was found on the left side of the road facing the direction of Canash and just about two hundred metres from the Calliaqua Police Station.

The vehicle had wha appeared to be a recent damage to the right front side.
Police on patrol in Glen – a village bordering Calliaqua – had picked up Jack around 2 a.m on August 18th, 2020, hours before Enoch’s body was found. At that time he was a suspicious character, him having been walking in the rain at that time of morning some 17 or so miles away from his Georgetown home.

According to reports, while he was in police custody, Jack told of the location of Enoch’s body and took police to the scene.

Enoch’s body was said to have been discovered on a white sheet and there were chop wounds to his head and face. It was also said that a condom was found on his penis.
Reports just after the crime suggested that Enoch and Jack were involved in sex acts for some time but they were not consensual.
Reports also indicate that Jack was under the influence of some kind of substance when a sex act took place before the day of the fatal incident. And, on the night of the incident Jack invited Enoch to engage in sexual intercourse.
That’s the night Jack murdered Enoch, ending a history of homosexual activities.

Jack was reportedly picked up by the police in Glen while walking in the rain in the early morning of August 18, 2018.

Later, Enoch’s body was discovered wrapped in a sheet and dumped at the Cayo heritage site at Argyle, with what appeared to be chop wounds to his head and neck.
Enoch, 50 years when he died, was a well known travel agent and ordained as a bishop in the Spiritual Baptist faith. His widow had reported him missing after he did not return from a social engagement in Villa on the Friday night. Enoch’s vehicle, a maroon Suzuki Escudo (P4664), was also found abandoned at the side of the Ratho Mill main road, with damage to the right front bumper.

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